quinta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2017

Pressed By Antitrust Complaints, Microsoft Changes Third-Party Antivirus Policies

Microsoft announced that it changed some of its policies for how it treats third-party antivirus software on Windows. Most of the changes seem...

Intel Unwraps The Rest Of Its Core X-series CPU Family

Just in time for the much-anticipated reviews of AMD's Threadripper HEDT processors this Thursday, Intel is once again attempting to steal some of...

Steampunk Surprise: Azio’s Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboards

There’s retro and then there’s retro, but the version of retro that’s inspired by the look of old typewriters is alive and well...

Fractal Design Launches Two New Define C Series Tempered Glass Chassis

Fractal Design launched two new Define C series chassis, both fitted with tempered glass side panels and sound dampening material. Source link

AI Meets VR When Nvidia Trains Isaac On Holodeck

At Siggraph, Nvidia revealed how Nvidia Isaac and Holodeck can eliminate the physical risk of training AI robots that interact with humans. Source link...
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Uma chinesa que é a cara da KTM Duke

Mas não parece um clone da KTM Duke?   MODELO C8 Tipo do motor CBS 300 L * W * H 2061x730mmx1106mm Distância de base 1384mm Altura do assento 800mm Tanque de combustível 12 litros Suspensão abosorber de gás...

Como se propaga um sinal de WI-fi